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China Shaolin Temple Monks Kung Fu Show

Shaolin Temple amid Songshan, Henan Shaolin Wushu Troupe that the maximum sincere Shaolin monks performing crew played with superb team performance, Shaolin Kung Fu performance group Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin monks team to undertake domestic and emigrant theatrical performances, martial masterpieces educating and communication. Shaolin monks performing group to undertake the opening ceremony of the company,present production launches,holiday parties, large-scale performances; China Songshan Shaolin Temple Monk Performance Group Tel :0086- 371 -67302888 Mobile:0086- 13103862888 Lee head;

Henan Songshan Shaolin Temple Shaolin monks performing group namely the highest sincere performance crew with excellent performance crew a strong lineup,wonderful Shaolin kung fu, hard and soft qigong, Dragon and Lion Dance Performance etc., has a crowd of performance experience! May be planning large-scale servant and international martial arts events Shaolin monks performing teams are open to do outdoor performances, mainly by kin and abroad to undertake a variety of Shaolin kung fu martial arts and theater, international education, cultural exchanges, opening ceremonies,product launches,affair promotion, tourism promotion and so the legitimacy of Shaolin martial craft performances activities Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu troupe known noteworthy at household and overseas

Songshan Shaolin Temple martial craft of the project are: Muyu Gong, Shaolin chap power, Hama Gong, the five ingredients boxing, Shaolin boxing, drunken, monkey, dog boxing surrounded periods boxing, tiger boxing, eagle boxing, boxing scorpion, mantis,mallet Dharma, spring knife Shaolin Kamimuchi, drunken knife lash three-section cudgel,sword Shaolin, Shaolin pistols knives flutter, Yueya Chan, etc. Shaolin eighteen hard and soft weapons.

qigong Shaolin Kung Fu Performance Group projects: lie ordered by the knit mattress to nap silver spear throat,abdomen lying Fork, five bayonet body,brain off the steel plate , the body off the mallet robust suction bowl, flying amongst the glass, martial masterpieces boxing, Ocean Front,buffet the exit gate, Bodhidharma Yi Jin Jing, Ba Duan Jin, and two folk on the train, impregnable cocoon , two-finger Zen, Iron Palm, Iron hand capability iron crotch power, iron pipes and other Shaolin Seventy power stunt.

Henan Shaolin Wu school since its inception,never only among the Songshan Shaolin Temple praised by Chinese and foreign tourists,merely also scatter overseas Shaolin martial arts performing crew has visited the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Qatar, Kenya, Israel, Mauritius, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, and constantly send players overseas for outstanding teaching martial craft CCTV ivan landscape,television ivan folk songs Dengfeng, Henan TV martial masterpieces style Henan TV Liyuanchun, Changchun, northeast TV television Wuxi, Taihu Pearl network Wuhan Evening News, reported surrounded Switzerland, France Times and other news medium scope and cooperation has performances. Shaolin Kung Fu troupe has additionally performed extra than 5,000 waiter and international mall the crowd of 100 million.

Songshan Shaolin Temple martial masterpieces enrollment has a strong actors and superb Shaolin martial arts performances and movements in the meantime with high-capacity martial arts aboard display. Shaolin kung fu disciple Kung Fu Performance Troupe to perform with the plot combined with the art of dance, martial arts repertoire among the shape to the people through the interpretation of the deep meaning of Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin martial masterpieces to realize the publicity promoting the ultimate goal.

Henan Shaolin Temple Wu school enrollment namely the crystallization of Chinese wisdom,namely wonderful Shaolin culture It namely never only loved along the masses for hundreds of thousands of domestic,yet also onward numerous alien sweethearts of forever ages. Since reform and opening,many martial masterpieces enthusiasts by household and overseas came to the Holy Land Shaolin Temple martial craft amid their mind,want to enjoy the content is profound,merely the kernel of the puzzle of Shaolin kung fu. In array to enhance and scatter Shaolin martial masterpieces Shaolin martial masterpieces within order to flourish,among array to allow extra alien guests and friends to watch the real Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin sort disciples training base was created amid May 1999 a set of martial craft lighting,music for an of the Shaolin disciples martial craft troupe.

Shaolin martial craft originated from Shaolin Temple within Dengfeng City, Henan Province, it has a long history and singular form,unique surrounded the martial masterpieces self-contained camp,fashionable Chinese and alien Kansas Chinese martial craft cried Wonderful. Songshan Shaolin Temple among the hinterland of the Central Plains, because of its distinctive geographical location, monks and laymen to gather,debate techniques, has chanced an important district ambition compel Today Shaolin martial masterpieces glory,globe enshrines, Shaolin monks with its odd mysterious deep unpredictable superior skill reputation broadcast universally,amid recent years Shaolin monks doing thousands of screenings as Chinese and alien guests and invited to visit Europe and America, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions, to adopt the administration of dozens of waiter and international medium and TV interviews and shooting,for the Shaolin martial craft,alien exchange and dissemination to acquaint a significant contribution. Shaolin Kung Fu Performance Troupe disciples determined to be subject to history, to modern means to tell their own distinctive performances,singular manner a style of martial craft culture knowledge-based craft and show a performance of international standards and language, To carry ahead the fine tradition of infinite skirmish

Shaolin martial masterpieces performance team formed along the Henan Songshan Shaolin Temple martial monks, Shaolin martial masterpieces performances elbow the important task of the Songshan Shaolin Temple in Henan Shaolin Monks Kung Fu crew to undertake performance; Henan Songshan Shaolin Martial Arts Troupe actuator Li Tel :0086- 371 -67,302,888

Shaolin Temple disciple training base;Tel :0086-371-67302888;Phone :+86-131-0386-2888;Contact: Lian River director;E-mail: 1979145666@qq.com;Website:http://www.shaolin4.com/;

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